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How We Got Here

Since day one, we’ve been walking by the light, grace and love of Our Lady of Lourdes to be sure we are not working in vain and that each product offered is a desire of the peoples heart for healing from the inside and out.

It's not necessary to have an emotional or euphoric experience to know that God is working within us, it is by faith we believe not by sight or feeling.

Since 1858 thousands have flocked to Lourdes in France in honor and devotion to Our Virgin Mary and the belief by faith of the miraculous healing properties of Lourdes Water.

Our Lady of Lourdes Rose Hydra-Healing Toner Mist has been carefully formulated with simplicity, 6 natural, vegan and organic (82%) ingredients to heal, moisturize balance and tone your skin. 

The first time I prayed Our Lady of Lourdes Novena the inspiration came to include our most valued ingredient, Authentic Lady of Lourdes Water.

A very dear friend who had just returned from visiting the Grotto in France donated a generous portion of the Lourdes water to keep our shelves stocked for years to come.

Lady of Lourdes Rose Mist is a free gift for anyone who asks.  Simply contact me and we will send you a bottle.  There is no charge for the Rose Mist, only a small fee for packaging.

I pray you are healed with every spritz in all glory to God, by the delicate light and nurturing of Our Holy Mother Mary and the saving grace of Christ her son and our Lord.  Amen.

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