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3 for $99 Little Things

3 for $99 Little Things


These little things mean a lot and make big differences.

Rose Light Oil was created for the face, but serves as an excellent body oil as well.  It's light enough your pores will not clog nor weigh heavy on your skin. 

Vitamin C gel is for everyday use to brighten under eye circles.

Polishing Creme is a treatment best when used 3 days per week to gently 'sand' away the top layers of the epidermis to remove the dead and dull layers of your skin, for smoother, more even toned skin with a healthy glow and almost pore less appearance.

Rose Light Oil - 1 oz

Vitamin C Eye Gel - 1 oz

Polishing Creme - 1 oz

  • How to Use

    Use each product as needed.


    If you are not satisfied with your purchase Avva Rose Skincare will offer a store credit toward another product.  We enourage you to sample of any face/neck/body product. Try first to be comfortable with your purchase. Thank you for helping us keep our prices reasonable and portions generous.

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